Ubuntu on Oracle

Ubuntu on Oracle is a set of customised Ubuntu images that allow easy access to a wide range of products and services - offered by both Oracle Cloud and Canonical. These images have an optimised kernel that boots faster, has a smaller footprint and includes Oracle-specific drivers.

These images provide a foundation for deploying cloud-based software solutions, specifically for software built on Ubuntu and running on Oracle Cloud. They focus on providing the optimal tools and features needed to run specific workloads.

The images create a stable and secure cloud platform that is ideal for scaling development work done on Ubuntu-based systems. Since Ubuntu is one of the most favoured operating systems amongst developers, using an Ubuntu-based image for the corresponding cloud deployment becomes the simplest option.

Everyone from individual developers to large enterprises use these images for developing and deploying their softwares. For highly regulated industries from the government, medical and finance sectors, various security-certified images are also available.

Canonical’s offerings on Oracle Cloud

Canonical builds optimised and certified server images for Oracle Cloud. The images are shared with Oracle privately, who publishes them into the cloud platform once per month. The set of images include:

  • All LTS releases still covered by standard security maintenance (see the Ubuntu release cycle)

  • Full and minimal versions of the images

  • Versions for x86_64 and AArch64 (ARM64) platforms

The customised images include the linux-oracle flavor of our kernel. This kernel enables fast networking and boot by taking advantage of the native hardware, while supporting the live migration of Ubuntu guests. The arm64 version of the kernel also takes advantage of the unique features of Ampere native CPUs.

The Ubuntu LTS instances can also be attached to Ubuntu Pro subscriptions. This enables access to enterprise lifecycle, kernel livepatching, CIS compliance automation tooling, and FIPS 140 certified cryptography.

How-to guides

Instructions for some of the basic operations that you would perform on an Oracle Cloud virtual machine:

Project and community

Ubuntu on Oracle is a member of the Ubuntu family and the project warmly welcomes community projects, contributions, suggestions, fixes and constructive feedback.